Truth About Being A Manglik- Manglik Dosh – Manglik Dosh Remedies

Truth about being Manglik

There are several myths that people have in their mind about being manglik. Let me first clarify that being a manglik would not mean that your marriage life would be disturbed or your partner may die. In fact in my research so far I have found that manglik people are the ones who more often than not are always more successful that those who are not.

Let us start by trying to understand who is a manglik. As per Vedic Astrology a horoscope has 12 houses and if in Planet Mars (Managal Grah) is placed in 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th or 12th house, then the person is said to be manglik.

The colour of burning coal signifies Mars the planet and because of this several astrologers associate it with anger, cruelty etc. I have observed that many astrologers try to intimidate people if they are manglik and then try to shell money out of their pockets by recommending gemstones and other remedies.

Here are some interesting figures which are logical as well.

There are 12 houses in a horoscope and out of these 12 if Mars is placed in any of the 6 houses stated above the person suffers from ill effects of this planet. This means that there is a fair bit of chance that every second person who is born will have managal dosh in his horoscope and that his married life will be disturbed or their spouse will die. This means that 50 percent of the total population would be manglik and would have to face such consequences if they are not married to a manglik person. So, now let us assume that the 50 percent of the manglik population is married to mangliks and the remaining 50 percent is married to non- mangliks. If this happens according to many astrologers all those married to non-mangliks will either have a disturbed married life or their spouse will die.

According to me this can never be true. Infact, I have seen so many manglik and non-manglik couples who are happy and have also seen several cases where a manglik was not able to get along with a non manglik. Mangal grah or Mars provides energy and it is up to an individual to use the energy negatively or positively.

It has been found that Warriors, Sportspeople, Cops always have some affect of Mars or Mangal grah on them.  At the same time people involved in terrorist activities or violence also have affect of Mars on them.  It is more about channelizing energy in the right direction which makes a good or a bad person

Here is how Mars ( Mangal)  behaves in different houses

1st House:  In the first house mangal can make you short tempered but will also make you very energetic.

2nd House:   In this case a person needs to control is speech. If loss occurs to him, it would be more or less because of the way he talks. He should never be sarcastic.

4th House:  Rash driving should be avoided; property disputes should be sorted amicably. Never ever make your mother unhappy.

7th House:  This house is said to be the house of life partner. A person who has Mars in this house should consciously avoid getting involved in petty matters. These people need some space and freedom and generally tend to get frustrated if the spouse asks too many questions. Give them space and all will be well. If you can learn the art of delegating authority, you will do very well.

8th House:  Placement of Mars means that you will have to work very hard and the couple will have to make conscious efforts towards being healthy.  Never forget the old adage- As you sow, so shall you reap. Health troubles are indicated but these can be taken care of if you take care of your health by doing regular exercises and maintaining a good diet. Over indulgence of food must be avoided. Must follow a disciplined lifestyle, come what may.

12th House:  Placement of Mars in twelfth house could mean to make you impulsive which could result in loss or you could be defrauded. The solution to this would be to wait and analyse every situation and be sure that you are dealing with the right person.

( It is important to check one’s horoscope before concluding how Mars will effect him)

Many astrologers treat Mars in these houses as malefic while few of them know that Mars can be sometimes silent, at other times very positive and sometimes be negative. Mars behaving negatively is a very rare phenomenon.  However even this case of Mars acting negatively can be cured using Mantras, Pujas and in rare cases with gemstones.

So, to conclude I would like to firmly state that Mars is a positive planet and in most cases it will help you grow mentally and monetarily as well.  Most of the cricketers in India have strong Mars in their horoscopes.  Most real estate big wigs have strong Mangal. Mars is seen to be negative only in  one in a thousand cases.

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19 Responses to Truth About Being A Manglik- Manglik Dosh – Manglik Dosh Remedies

  1. pallavi says:

    U hav given v gud nd positive approach to dis manglik stuff..keep it up.
    Thanx.God Bless!!

  2. Nupur says:

    Very sensibly written.. People should read this to change their negative thinking about being manglik.. Keep up the good work! All the best!

  3. Anita says:

    Thanks a lot for best and positive information.

  4. Amita says:

    thank u very much, i am also in the same situation that m non manglik and my lover is manglik. u gave me encouragement towards this topic to remove from mind.

  5. Atul says:

    So mangal, the red planet is in my 8th house, the deadlist and because of this I would be in trouble in finding my life partner.

    Thanks to some idiots who wrote this logicless astrology hundereds of years ago because they had nothing else worthwhile to do, I would have to suffer in finding a suitable choice for the biggest decision of my life. Kudos !

    By the way this was the first article I read writing something positive about the mangliks, thanks a lot ! For the last half an hour having read 7-8 articles on the 8th house, I was literally feeling doomed for being born with this ‘anomaly’.

    Its all crap for me, but hard for me to teach to other’s. I am getting a bit furious because lost my love because her father was adament she would die soon if I marry her. And now she is getting married to a non manglik and she texts me every other day that she’s dying.

    Life’s funny.

    • admin says:

      A lot of times it is found that pandits become astrologers and they keep guiding people with wrong information. In 90 percent of the cases manglik dosh gets cancelled. However, those who are mangliks are must know that this is a very positive sign and these people ahve extra energy in them . if groomed in a positive manner these people can do anything. You must know that most sports stars and actors have a strong mangal which keeps them active.

  6. arjjun says:

    hi nitin
    thanks for the informative article.great insight on the actual working of mars on a human being.i have mars in my 8th house of the horoscope.can you tell me how it affects my health and how can it affect the health of my would be spouse especially if she is non manglik?i cannot understand at all,on what basis people say that mangal dosha gets cancelled with two mangliks together-like two energetic people will nullify each others’s energies.on the contrary i feel it can double up the energetic vibes of a couple together(2 amp + 2 amp = 4 amp of electricity).if you can throw some light on my half baked knowledge,it would be of tremendous help to me.
    p.s. i intend to focus on my exercise-meditation regime and diet to use the mars energy of my 8th house in a positive way rather than a negative one. many thanks.

  7. pia says:

    well dis is realy a nyc page to get rid of da craps regardin mangliks…..i hv read a lots of pages regardin mangliks n da side effects of it bt none of dem had ne positiv side of it. m thankful to da one who had written it coz i myself is a non manglik bt my bf is manglik n dis thing worries both of us at sum point..

  8. ABHIJIT PAUL says:

    Hi Author,
    I am in serious need of some guidance related to manglik and non-manglik marriage issue.
    Kindly write me at A.S.A.P

  9. aashi says:

    Looking at dis information can satisfy a person but not the families …..i lost happy life due to dis issue….don’t know what to believe or not to think !!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Aashi
      what was your issue
      I have done some good research and have analysed over 2000 kundlis and have found just by changing few minor things which exclude puja , donation etc you can lead a very happy married life. I know and have helped atleast 500 people get rid of the manglic issue without any donation, gemstone, puja etc.

  10. Sachin says:

    My wife having medium mangal dosh and i don’t have mangal dosh.
    After one year of mairrage, I lost my job and then i tried other one that also lost after 3 month and now i’m not getting any job…. We did puja also but no result…
    What is the best solution should i divorce my wife or is there any other solution…?

    Please advise

    • admin says:

      Hi Sachin
      I have been out for a while and came back now. You will have to consult me over phone. I will need your birth details and exact questions before you are ready to consult. Please email to know about the fee and time

  11. govind gupta says:

    Mr nitin you may be right. But tell me why all great astro person did not clear the myth of the manglik dosha. And in real way we find many Person facing Problem of delyed marriage and un happy married life.even the death of the either partner is Seen several time. What is the real truth.

    • admin says:

      Hi Govind,
      All great astrologers have clearly stated this. Of late some so called pundits have emerged and have started using manglik as a money minting machine to get puja done, sell stones or take donations. However there are still astrologers who know being a manglik is not bad and in fact a good thing. You must understand that in our world there are more people who use this great science to create doubts while the aim of this science is to eradicate doubts. Remeber astrology in sanskrit is jyotish and it means “giving light”…. It doesn’t mean creating a doubt

  12. admin says:

    First of all who is a strong manglik and a lesser strong manglik? Send me your details, ( I have a fee involved) and i will let you know the exact situation

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